About Us

Welcome to 50 states of Beer, a blog that will chronicle the exploits of my friends and I as we attempt to obtain and sample artisan-craft beer from the 50 states of America in the order each state joined the Union. Each week we will gather in Newburyport, MA to sample a local craft brew from across the US. And there’s the first challenge: beer doesn’t travel evenly across our fine nation and I’ll be writing about this throughout 2013.

This site is not a critical review of beer, there already exists many great resources for that (see beer advocate for example). It’s an armchair journey through the states and the craft beer they produce, with a few asides about what we’re eating and how we’re surviving the winter.

Along the way, I hope to learn more about craft beer, how it is made and how it gets from the brewery to the consumer.  I am not a beer expert, legal expert or historian, so help me correct any mistakes I might make along the way. When you do, drop me a note and I will do my best to correct the misinformation.

If you have any suggestions, comments, access to North Dakota brews, etc.

Feel free to contact me: brian -at- 50statesofbeer.com

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